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Metal Laser Cutting near Newcastle

Our fully qualified Fabrication staff can manufacture anything ranging from the odd spot-welding job, cutting & folding material to fully welded pool fencing, Gates, Heavy duty Brackets and the above Pool Cover cabinet.

Our Fabrication quoting staff are more than happy to help with all of your enquiries. If you have a plan drawn up, a sketch, perhaps you have a sample of what you might be after, bring it in to store and we will help.

Our Factory houses some of the most capable machines to cut, fold, weld and press your job to stringent standards of quality. We use only the finest graded steel sourced right here in Australia.

Some examples of our work are -
Metal railings in Newcastle made by metal laser cutting techniques

Aluminium Hand Rails

Coal Mine Cabinet Repairs

Aluminium Pipe Welding/Fabrication

Here are some of the Machines we use in the Fabrication Department -


Machtech Press

Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutting Machine at Work

Here is a preview of our Plasma cutter making Precision cuts in Stainless Steel. his is capable of cutting up to 25 mm thick Mild Steel and can be programmed to trace and cut many different curvitures and designs; Wether it be Lettering, detailed brackets, cleats etc.

Heavy Duty Discs

Precision Angle Cut-Outs

Yawei Laser Cutting Machine

Yawei HLB-1530 3KW Fiber Laser.

The laser uses a beam to precisely cut or engrave any profile drawn, ranging from Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Colorbond in a variety of material thicknesses.


Need a particular type of formed metal? We can supply a full range of alternatives for all kinds of jobs. Here are some examples of materials we can supply to you :-

Black Pipe

Structural Beams

Duragal RHS

Solid Round Bar

Flat Bar (S'steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium)

Flat Sheeting (S/Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanised)

Roofing - Fencing - Rainwater Products

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